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Snowtrekker Tents has been working on a portable canvas sauna for over 5 years.  We have teamed up with the iconic brand, Stormy Kromer, who has sewn our tents for over 15 years, to bring you a portable canvas sauna that will give you the true sauna experience. We at Snowtrekker, having experienced sauna many years ago, were inspired to develop the sauna tent. 

Combining the quality of construction and innovative design you have come to expect from Snowtrekker Tents, we have created a true sauna experience in a portable design. Working extensively with the Stormy Kromer team, we bring you the Snowtrekker Tent x Stormy Kromer Sauna.

The sauna tent is constructed of 2 layers of our custom Snowtrekker Tent fabric for heat retention capability.  it is vented properly for combustion air for the stove and fresh air exchange.  The base of the tent, and the sod cloth are constructed of 9.5 oz pyrocell which is a coated polyester fabric that protects the tent from ground moisture when the sauna is set up for extended periods of time.  The full coverage rain fly is also constructed with 9.5 oz pyrocell.  Pyrocell is flame retardant, 100% waterproof, and has extremely high UV resistance characteristics.  This fly was created to protect your sauna when it is set up for extended periods of time. 

Our sauna is comfortable for 4-6 people seated on benches or 2 people laying on benches.

Come experience a true sauna experience without the high cost of a frame built sauna. 

Our portable sauna allows you freedom because you are not confined to one location.  So, you can take it to the lake, your cabin or set it up in your back yard.  Enjoy true sauna right now!

Sauna Details

Sauna Tent     


Sauna Tent    73”x91”

Ridge Height:  76”

Sidewall Height: 53”

The sauna tent package includes the sauna, tent fly, 8 unions, 1 union with set screw, 21 bungee ball connectors, 6 guy out ropes, 1 front door picket, 2 101” Easton bungee corded sauna fly guy out poles, 6 rubber leg end tips, 9 skewer stakes, and 6 heavy duty tent stakes.

Sauna Tent and Fly Weight: 34lbs

Package weight: 38.3 lbs


We recommend that you make your own tent pole frame.  We provide detailed instructions on building your own frame.  It’s a very easy DIY project! It cuts easily with a handheld tube cutter or hack saw.

Sauna Tent Frame  $300.00     ( if you choose to buy a frame from us)

Snowtrekker Designed Sauna Stove      $560

Available for pre-order.  Delivery early December

* Stove pipe is not included with the stove *

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