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ALL NEW! Snowtrekker Logo Trucker Hats

New Merch available!! 

You've always wanted a Snowtrekker hat to wear and we now have them available.  Get them while they last!

Trucker Snowtrekker Logo hats in 4 different colors/models.  Shown left to right

Richardson Tan Leather Patch Trucker Hat
Leather Patch Multi-Camo Trucker Hat $28.00
Legacy  Old Favorite Woven Patch Unstructured Olive Trucker Hat $25.00
Legacy  Old Favorite Woven Patch Unstructured Orange Trucker Hat $25.00

ALL NEW! Snowtrekker Sweatshirt

Nothing is more comfortable on a cool day than a warm hoodie!

Our sweatshirts are made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester.

Colors available: Green and/or Heather Navy

Unisex Sizes: Small - XX Large


ALL NEW! Snowtrekker T-Shirts

Snowtrekker Logo T-Shirts are in stock!

Soft 100% cotton short sleeve T-shirts with Snowtrekker's logo are on the shelves waiting for you.

Colors available:  Olive and/or Light Blue

Sizes available:  Small - XX Large


Ground Tarp

There is one piece of winter camping equipment that we unanimously agree should be waterproof – your floor tarp. As our tents do not have a sewn in floor consider one of these. 

If you have been looking for the perfect floor tarp, look no further, this is the best we’ve come across. Our ground tarps are made of extremely durable, 10 oz, totally waterproof material widely used in the over-the-road trucking industry. No doubt you’ve seen this material before, criss-crossing the country on the back of an 18-wheeler; those soft-sided 53’ trailers – Yup, this is the stuff. This is not your run-of-the-mill flimsy nylon – this fabric is stiff enough to easily lay flat without bunching up, yet they remain flexible when cold so you can fold them up. No matter which floor tarp size you choose, you will not find any sewn seams. 

These tarps are made of what is called a weld-able material, meaning panels are fused together with heat. In essence, they are one solid piece and totally waterproof – Choose a size closest to your needs and cut to fit. Each cut is its own finished edge. No need to hem. No unraveling.

3.2 lbs
5.4 lbs
8x10 6.2 lbs $100
6.4 lbs
9 lbs
7.7 lbs
9.4 lbs
10.7 lbs
13x15 14.02 $240
13x18 17.6 lbs $295

Guy-out Clip

You asked and we listened. After a great deal of R&D we have new guy-out clips for our side pull outs! Our new guy-out clip replaces the black neoprene guy-out loops on most models of tents. These new clips snap on—snap off.  No more lacing the guy-out poles through the neoprene loops.


Plastic resin is rated to –40° F. It is 1 grade higher than generally used in the snowmobile industry.

 $13 ea. with rope & tightener.

 $9.75 ea. clip alone.

Stove Hearth

Our portable stove hearths provide a fire proof barrier between your floor and stove. Constructed of hi-temp fabric rated to 1000° F. Rolls up easily for storage to 24X3.

Regular 24x36 1.2 lbs $41

Stove Heat Reflector

If you haven’t already, you will soon notice the amount of heat loss under your stove as snow and ice melt, leaving you with your own indoor freshwater pond.

When suspended under our stoves, our heat reflectors [made from aluminized fiberglass cloth] virtually eliminate radiant heat from the bottom of the stove. The material, aluminized fiberglass cloth, is light and rolls up easily to fit inside your stove for transport. When combined with our stove hearth, you can greatly reduce the melting of snow and ice under your stove. This is especially nice when you set up camp on lake ice.

Please note that our heat reflectors are manufactured and sized to fit Snowtrekker® stove models. 

Size Price
Sm. Stove $32
Md. Stove $37
Lg. Stove $42

Mounting rods are not included. 

Stove Jacks

Stove jacks are standard on all of our tent models and available for purchase for your own needs. The stove jack is the only part of the tent that comes in direct contact with the stove pipe. When we went to designing our stove jacks our only concern was hi temperature, function and durability - not how pretty they look. Our fabric gaskets are made of a material rated to 1400°F. They are sewn together with a Kevlar thread with a stainless steel core rated to 1000°F. Pretty they are not - get the job done in spades they do.

Available in a 3, 4 or 5 inch stove pipe opening only.

3" Hi Temp Stove Jack
4" Hi Temp Stove Jack $43
5" Hi Temp Stove Jack $45

Tent Bag

The tent bag is crafted out of the same material as our tents. It is an oversized envelop in design with ample room for tents packed in neatly or stuffed in even when full of snow after a trip.

$35 - for most sized tents

$45 - Extra Large tent bag fits the Mega Crew tents

Tent Fly

Looking for added peace of mind during extended tent stays? Consider our tent fly, a tin roof for Snowtrekker® tents. Although not necessary to remain dry, this 7 oz waterproof material shines in its ability to shed snow.

For those of you who plan on base-camping in areas with high potential for heavy snow, you can rest assured that it will not be accumulating on your tent all day and all night.

In addition to improving snow-shedding abilities, the tent fly adds a level of efficiency to your woodstove by providing an insulating layer between the inside of the tent and the howling wind outside.

5.5 lbs
7.0 lbs
9.5X9.5 7.4 lbs $335
8.2 lbs
9.5 lbs
13x13 11.4 lbs $425
13x15 13.6 lbs $450
13x18 15.8 lbs $475

Wonder which of the tent flies have stove jack openings and which ones have dog eared/cut off corners so the pipe slips past?  Well, here you go!

Dog Eared Corners:

Shortwalls (EXCEPT the 8x10), Basecamps and Outfitters

Stove Jack Hole Openings in the Fly:

Crews, Mega Crews, and the High Country

The 8x10 Shortwall tent has the stove jack opening on the right side of the tent when facing the tent.  It has a stove jack opening in the tent fly.

Tent Stakes

12-inch military tent stakes made completely of aluminum for use on your next camping trip! Each aluminum tent stake is 12 inches in length, has a shaft with a width of 1 1/2 inches, and is 1/8 inch think.

Each aluminum tent stake shaft tapers to a point, which means it can be easily inserted into the hard ground to hold down your tent. Each aluminum tent stake has a wing-shaped head so you can quickly secure your tent line or rope.

WE HAVE FINALLY SOURCED MORE STAKES AS WE SOLD OUR LAST ONES.  We were not able to source new stakes. The latest stakes are used but in good condition with some scratches.  We paid double the price to get them back in stock- but did not pass that on to you!

1 stake
0.3 lbs

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